Want to make sure all your old files are on your new computer?

Need to verify your off-site backups?

File Clerk

Search, index, and find duplicate files -- on your laptop, your server, old computers, external hard drives -- and the cloud

Does your study look like this?
from the simple case of just copying files from one system to another

You've just bought a new computer, and used the built-in utilities to transfer your files from the old computer. Are you sure it copied all your important files?

You've had digital cameras for five years, and you're sure you backed up all your photographs to hard drive, CD, or DVD. Now you want a picture from 2009. Do you know which drive or CD it's on?

You're backing up all your vital files to Dropbox. That filled up, so you've put some of them on Google Drive. Are you sure that all your files are backed up to one or the other?

File Clerk can help you make sure the answer is Yes

The File Clerk service will list and fingerprint all the files you have on your current computers, your old computers, your external hard drives, and anything else.

The service can then tell you where your files are by filename, and where you have duplicates.

It can help you ensure all your old files are copied to a central fileserver, or just to your newest computer.

...to those of you with a few drives sitting around as backup


With enough development funding, File Clerk can help you distinguish between your own files and those of the operating system (Windows, Mac OS-X, etc)
You will be able to download a small simple indexing program that will examine your hard drive(s) and send fingerprints to our servers.
File Clerk will store the name you give to your computer, external hard drive, or CD/DVD/USB Key. It will also store the name, folder hierarchy, size, and fingerprint of each file on your computer/external drive/etc.
We'll use the MD5 hash. While it may be more prone to collisions than SHA-1 or other hash methods, it can often be faster to compute on older machines, and is still reasonably unique
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